Perfect Your Outdoor Living Space In 4 Ways

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Outdoor living spaces are on-trend in 2019. This isn’t surprising, as more and more families are realizing the value of having a patio in their homes. This has led to them either building one in their backyard or moving into homes that already have them.

Around 96,000 houses with patios were sold in America in 2014, compared to 59,000 in 2010, indicating a clear upward trend. Revenuesfordeck and patio construction companies also increased by a whopping $783 million in 2019, further supporting this.

While it’s important to have an outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family—or even on your own—it’s vital that space reflects your tastes. Personal touches that reflect your style are the way to go if you’re looking to make a perfect outdoor space and make the most of it.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to creating the best outdoor living space for you:

Accessories to reflect your personal style

An outdoor living space is an extension of your home. Just like your home is meticulously designed to indicate your style, your patio needs to as well.

When planning your outdoor space, make sure the color scheme and vibe you choose don’t clash with the rest of your home. Sticking to your home’s vibe and color palette would be ideal, but you could also stray from ita little to incorporate other design elements.

Add plenty of adjustable outdoor lighting. The lights can be made to be dimmer when you’re enjoying an evening with your partner, and brighter when you’re hosting a barbeque with friends. Our array of outdoor lanterns adds both a source of light and style to your outdoor space.

Play around with wall décor, cushions, and rugs too.

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Comfortable and ample seating

In order to make the patio a space where you spend time with family, you need to create a comfortable space, and for that, you need seating arrangements. There are plenty of patio chairs, sofas, loveseats, etc. for you to choose from over on our website.

Just make sure you’re choosing comfortable seating. Uncomfortable seats will take away from the relaxing environment you’re trying to create.

You also need to ensure that there’s enough seating to accommodate everyone. That way, family members won’t have to take turns sitting out on the patio. If you’re worried about how expensive it’s going to get, we provide affordable outdoor seating arrangements for clients.

Maximize the space you have

It’s important to establish traffic patterns in your patio. Since it’s an open space, make sure there is enough clearance around each piece of furniture so it doesn’t feel cluttered. Create zones for conversation and dining in your outdoor space.

If you’re short on space, choose outdoor furniture pieces that provide storage options.

A fire pit makes for a warm patio

Whether you live in a warmer or cooler part of the United States, a fire pit is a vital part of a patio. A fire source will bring people together since it’s a focal point. There are plenty of fire pit options you can choose from, so there’s surely something that will fit your patio.


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