Spend Your Tax Rebate/Refund Right:4 Patio Pieces To Invest In

Patio Fire Place

Preparing your taxes for the year is a tedious process, but the refunds you get make it worth your while; some extra cash in hand never hurt anybody!

Tax refunds are something to look forward to, especially this year, as they’ve gone up by 19%.

The best part is that you can use your tax rebate to spruce up your patio toward the end of the year. We know that everyone’s tax refunds vary in amount, so we’ve covered every price point in this guide, starting from the most affordable to the most indulgent piece.

Outdoor lanterns

The nights tend to get chilly in many parts of America. And lighting a fire pit every time you want to relax in the patio might not be a viable option for most homeowners.

Instead, add other sources of warmth. Outdoor lanterns not only help keep the space warm, but also add brightness and style.

You can invest in multiple lanterns, depending on how big your patio is, or how cold it gets where you live. This way, you can ensure that the entire patio is utilized well; otherwise only the area around the fire pit is occupied.

Fire Pit


If your patio doesn’t already have a firepit, a tax rebate is the perfect excuse to invest in one. A firepit adds a focal point to your patio, as well as a warming element. Enjoy hot beverages under the night sky and maybe some toasted marshmallows too, safe in the knowledge that you’re going to remain toasty!

A firepit will also make your patio more welcoming. Guests are going to love spending time therewith a few drinks and snacks.

Patio umbrellas

Patio umbrellas add a tropical feel to any outdoor space. Create the illusion of a vacation with a patio umbrella near your patio seating arrangement. This way, your family members can enjoy sunny days on the deck without having bright sunlight in their eyes. It also keeps the area cool.

Patio sofas

Patio sofas are a real splurge. They’re an expensive investment, but they make your patio that much more comfortable! Your tax rebate might not be enough to cover the entire cost of a new patio sofa, so you might want to save up in advance and use the tax rebate to supplement your savings for this piece of furniture.

This is a great way to add to your existing patio seating arrangement or create one from scratch.

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