New Year’s Resolution Prep: How to Turn Your Simple Outdoor Patio into a Place of Zen


The last few years have been…stressful for you, to say the least!

This is why, for 2020, you’ve decided to take the high road and give yourself the attention you deserve. This involves lots of self-care in a tranquil environment. And, of course, that means redoing your patio.

What do you need to build such a space? PatioHQ can guide you!

How to Create a Soothing, Zen Outdoor Space

–         Factor in Privacy

You don’t want a pesky neighbor peeking in while you’re meditating! A Zen environment needs to be separate from the world, isolated in all its glory.

Buy an outdoor patio umbrella to screen your spot from peeping toms; moreover, buy tall shrubs and small trees to create a barrier and a small space that’s obscured from view.

–         Don’t Forget Plants and Flowers

Typically, we associate Zen gardens and bamboo plants with the Zen aesthetic. But this doesn’t mean that you should stay limited to them.


Add lush colors and plants; make your Zen area as vibrant as you want it to be.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, buy low-maintenance plants. You’ll find plenty of options.

–         Tune in to Your Comfort

Can’t be bothered with a meditation stool? No worries! Instead, invest in a chaise lounge, a chair set with an ottoman, or any other type of relaxing furniture.

Meditation can be done sitting or lying down. Find your happy place and design your Zen area to match that aesthetic.

–         Keep it Simple

Don’t crowd your patio with too much furniture, trinkets, and the like. Let your landscape speak for itself. Stick to the minimalist approach and try to make your patio more comfortable, than stylish.

Aim for a peaceful, modest setting, instead of bold designs. You want the area to soothe your senses, after all!


–         Add Soft Lighting

Natural lighting is best if you want to maintain a quiet, calm atmosphere for your Zen patio. But if you usually meditate at night, you could add to the zone by incorporating some lanterns, and perhaps a fire table in the corner to add a nice, soft glow to the place.

A bit pricier than your average fairy lights, things such as high-end fire tables and lanterns are nonetheless an investment in your patio’s design.

Buy from PatioHQ

From outdoor patio furniture and accents pillows to affordable lanterns, we offer all this and more online.

So make your purchase before the New Year starts and set up your perfect Zen space. Give yourself the boost you need to achieve for that self-love resolution!

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