A Touch of Nature—Choosing Wood for Your Patio Furniture


In all honesty, your outdoor patio could use a touch of nature to liven things up. And that’s putting it lightly!

Despite being in the great outdoors, our patios end up looking a bit bleak at times, especially if we go all in on a minimalist style and concrete floors.

This is where ‘wood’ furniture comes in! We’re here to give you the lowdown on the different types of wood and the one to rule them all—a type of wood used by PatioHQ!

Types of Wood Furniture

–         Eucalyptus

Solid and smooth, not to mention quite durable and beautiful, eucalyptus wood is a much-favored wood because of its low maintenance needs. Typically, the wood has decay and rot-resistant oils to block out moisture so it can stay clean and polished. However, untreated eucalyptus wood is also available, as well as whitewashed and painted eucalyptus. Just remember not to scrub, brush, sand or hose your wood.


–         Acacia

Durable, dense, and high in rot-resistant oils, acacia is widely used in the woodworking industry and is a popular choice for most indoor and deck furniture. The wood does attain a weathered, grey look over time, so that’s the only thing standing against it. Otherwise, acacia is a good enough wood if you’re looking for something lightweight.

–         Cedar

Cedar has a certain resin component in both northern white and western options which makes them resistant to rot and insects. Also lightweight, cedar is a good choice if you’re looking for something to use for a few years since cedar isn’t as strong as the strongest wood available. Quite soft and susceptible to damage and scratches, cedar is nonetheless quite beautiful. However, its characteristic of retaining moisture is a turnoff for most consumers.

The Best Wood: Teak

Teak has all the best characteristics of the above, wrapped in one type of wood. Decay resistant, durable and strong, water-repellant and simply beautiful in style and color, teak is loved by all for its superiority in all matters. Though slightly more expensive than other basic wood options, what makes teak worth it is its immunity to all weather elements, low-maintenance quality and longevity.

Made Your Choice?

Despite so many options, we believe teak is the clear winner.

So don’t wait. Look at our selection of patio furniture for outdoor living, all made from teak wood and make your choice. Can’t decide? Contact us!

We’d be happy to guide you through!

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