Let’s Cut to the Chaise: The Lowdown on Classic Chaise Lounges

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Heroines in your regency romances have swooned on them. Writers in architectural digests have breathlessly raved about them. It seems as though throughout the ages, almost everyone has been gaga over the ever-classic style of chaise lounges!

Very comfortable with their classic-yet-trendy design to boot, chaise lounges or chaises are one of the most popular types of furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Yet, even with their popularity to back their worth, not as many people actually know why chaise lounges are so widely loved.

As purveyors of outdoor patio furniture online, PatioHQ has our two cents to give on the attractiveness of chaise lounges!

Why Chaise Lounges are a Bestseller at PatioHQ

–         They Add Character to a Small Space

A chaise lounge by design is sleek and slim, despite its functional quality. Taking up just enough room, a chaise lounge doesn’t add bulk to the overall look as a hulking 3-seater sofa would.

It’s graceful and lithe and is just the thing to add if you need extra seating space on your patio but don’t want to add to your already 7-seater patio furniture collection!

–         They’re Versatile

The average size of an outdoor living room patio is 16 x 18 feet. You already have a complete set of patio chat tables squeezed artfully in this little space. But you need more seating. A bulky sofa or a couple of chairs in the corner just won’t do. But with a chaise lounge, you add an element of style while getting the seating space you need.

–         They’re a Lot More Affordable

At least at PatioHQ, they are! The price of a singular lounge chair starts at $500. But with a chaise lounge that costs $869.99 per seat, you get more space and function from your furniture while saving money.

Bonus point; when you’re not using the seat, you can push the structure up and stretch out on a long, comfy bed that just begs to be slept in!

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–         They’re Glamorous

Chalk it up to our first example of your regency and Victorian era heroines sprawling on the chaise lounge in ecstasy!

During the olden days, such furniture was only limited to elite homes and was often used in drawing rooms to brighten the place up, and to make it look luxurious. A hundred years or so later, that sense of exclusivity still exists when you think about the chaise lounge!

Are You Getting Tempted?

PatioHQ has a gorgeous collection of outdoor patio furniture online as well as chaise lounges and more for our customers. If you want to add a chaise lounge to your outdoor space, why not buy one now?

Our quality outdoor furniture will take your patio look to the next level!

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