Outdoors in Winter: Setting Up the Perfect Hangout

Winter Fun

With just enough of a budget to remodel and decorate your outdoor patio for the winter, you’re taking this opportunity to exercise your creative décor skills to the max.

But where do you start? And how do you make sure you don’t go over-budget?

Well, PatioHQ has some special winter design tips that will help you modernize your outdoor patio, just in time for the cold season!

–         Change Your Umbrella Fabric

Expecting a nice, snowy winter this year? Give your patio some character by simply changing the umbrella’s fabric. PatioHQ offers a variety of shades, from soft blue to flagship ruby.

Give your umbrella structure a bit of a polish and switch out the old one for the new one around the holidays so it has a luster.

–         Replace Your Cushions

Your old cushions have seen better days. So why not swap them for better, more durable options?

You’ll find plenty of designs available at PatioHQ, and they’ll be affordable as well. Just be sure to choose the fabric that suits your patio during the summers as well.

–         Add a Little Nook

Especially if you live in a region that gets really cold, this is a must-have.

Add a cozy nook in the corner with some patio chaise lounges and a table, surround it with a set of trellises, and some climbing plants. It’ll definitely come in handy for days when you want privacy and seclusion!

Outdoor Patio

–         Let There Be Light

Instead of stringing some fairy lights about the place, add outdoor patio lanterns instead. Available for an affordable price, these lanterns offer some much-needed brightness and are easy to use. Not to mention that there’s less risk involved.

If you live in an area that receives plenty of rain, you’re just asking for trouble with fairy lights.

–         Invest in a Fire Pit

If all else fails, bring in a fire pit to add to the cozy winter-fest feeling!

Modern fire tables are very easy-to-use and don’t require much upkeep.

However, if you’re worried about using a propane fire table, don’t hesitate to ask us, and refer to our guide on Fire Table Safety if you need help.

Get Ready for Winter!

Need something else for your patio?

Check out the virtual aisles at PatioHQ and upgrade your patio to look like the festive chic outdoor space it’s meant to be!

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