Does Color Matter? Choosing the Best Colors for Your Patio Furniture

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You’d think that the only factor that went into choosing the right color for your patio furniture would be your preference!

But according to the experts at PatioHQ, there’s a lot more at stake when you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing outdoor color palette!

The Importance of Color 

There’s no limit when it comes to color or design when it comes to outdoor patio furniture. From designs to materials, there’s variety in all aspects.

But despite the popularity and the availability of all types of patio furniture, there’s still a general partiality to certain colors, namely, black, dove, white, silver, and brown.

Even at PatioHQ, these are the most popular colors that customers opt for. And while we have nothing against them, the truth is that even with this ‘classic’ selection, people often end up making the wrong choices. Here’s why!

They Don’t Factor in Wear and Tear

For example, if you have a full house with plenty of kids, white might not be a great choice! Children, pets, and even guests can cause stains, tears, and marks.

With such heavy traffic and usage, it’s much better to choose a darker shade like blue, or even maroon, so that dust and dirt don’t show as starkly as they would against a white background.

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They Match

When the Windsor chair was first introduced, people often painted it green so it wouldn’t look out-of-place. 

Yet, it was the brown, wooden contrast that made it look so beautiful. Similarly, if you have a rich, full garden, choosing a darker shade will bring down the otherwise vibrant look of the environment. 

Here’s where a lighter color would come in handy!

They Don’t Plan Around Permanent Elements

Let’s say you have a deep brick color home and light colors in your garden. Unless you’re planning a complete renovation, you’ll need to choose a color that goes well with its surroundings. In the case of the aforementioned example, a lighter, wooden shade would complement the rustic look well.

They Don’t Plan for the Overall Visual Effect

Your patio needs to have some a homey touch. Choosing black furniture with gold trimmings for a white patio with an azure pool might give off the desired strikingly luxurious effect. But it’ll also look quite sterile. 

Instead, you can choose a contrasting shade or even white with outdoor accent pillows thrown in to bring some character to the minimalist surroundings.

So Does Color Matter?

The short answer is yes!

So browse through our collections, find an affordable outdoor patio furniture set and be careful when making your choice. Remember, your patio collection is an investment. Be wise!

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