A Guide to Southwestern Patio Design


A sharp contrast to the minimalist style that’s in vogue these days, Southwestern design is nevertheless a strong contender in the world of patio design.

Known for its soothing earthy tones, bright woven fabrics, and plenty of terra cotta and clay that’s all tied together with foliage and rustic scenery, Southwestern design is all about being in touch with nature and going back to the basics. With a few choice luxury elements thrown in for good measure, of course!

It exudes a sense of coziness and hominess. However, like any interior or exterior style, it can end up looking overwhelming if you don’t incorporate the correct elements.

That’s why PatioHQ has put together a nifty guide!

The Basics of Southwestern Style

–         Colors

Southwestern design typically includes earthy hues such as the signature teak brown, luscious adobe red, and deep cactus green. However, there’s nothing in the rulebook that says your color choices are limited to them.

Southwestern design is all about creating a bright, homey space. So adding shades of yellow, orange, and turquoise is also a great direction to go in!

–         Fabrics

While leather is a common choice for outdoor patio furniture, black, sleek fabrics won’t suit the tone you’re trying to set with Southwestern design.

Instead, go for something like Sunbrella fabric. Made with a dyed acrylic solution, this fabric is specifically designed for outdoor use and is available in plenty of colors and designs. So you’re pretty much spoilt for choice!

Patio Set

–         Furniture

Wicker and teak are great choices for a Southwestern patio. With their burnished look and soft finish, not to mention their durability when faced with heat, this style of patio furniture is a long-term investment!

–         Accents

Think 16th century Spain or Mexico! Accents include hand-painted tiles, perhaps a chic fire table or even a collection of lanterns that match your general aesthetic.

Again, Southwestern design is all about coziness. Why not up the ante by adding a fire pit and surround it with foliage and a deep, rustic red patio furniture set so you can all sit around, toast marshmallows and tell each other stories of days gone by!

Get the Picture?

Southwestern style in patio design is a fun concept to use if you want to make your patio a place where you relax and have fun.

So choose from our collection of furniture, buy a set of affordable patio lanterns online, and add a high-end patio fire table to make the space quaint and welcoming!

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