I’m Gonna Rain on Your Parade! Protecting Your Patio Furniture from Bad Weather

White Patio Furniture

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and your flowers are blooming in all the colors of the rainbow!

Yet, with all this merriment, all you can think about regarding your outdoor space is what a number all this sunshine and related elements will do to your patio furniture.

It is an investment, after all, an expensive one! So how do you make sure it doesn’t end up becoming a waste of money?

We have a few tips that’ll come in handy!

Practical Tips for Preserving Your Patio Furniture

Buy Patio Furniture Covers

This should be on the top of your list!

Made from durable, high-quality material, these covers keep your furniture protected against wind, sunshine and rain. And are as much of an investment as your patio furniture! Just be sure to buy them from the same place as your furniture so that they’re the perfect size.

Cover it with an Umbrella

Especially on hot days, a good quality umbrella can offer a lot more than just some shade for your sensitive skin!


Outdoor patio umbrella canopies (at least the ones at PatioHQ) are made using moisture, fade and mildew resistant material and can be very handy if you’re worried about your furniture color fading. Also with umbrellas, be sure about sizing before you make a purchase so you don’t end up with a smaller shade.

Know When to Take them Inside

A surprise shower or a hot summer day won’t do much damage to your patio setting. But this doesn’t mean you can leave your furnishings out and about with any concern.


With monsoon season in the U.S. right around the corner, you must take every precaution necessary to ensure that your furnishings stay safe and clean. Clean your furniture of dust, swipe it with a brush and some water, cover it up with the waterproof furniture cover, and find some space in your garage that’s clean and dry.

Talk to the Company

Ask about coatings and specific varnishes so you know you’re using the right product. Paint and other products that aren’t designed for patio furniture can end up ruining your investment. When in doubt, ask and get into the details if you don’t really know how to go about using different products for your furniture maintenance.

Got Any Questions?

Contact PatioHQ!

Whether you’re concerned about the different materials for your outdoor patio furniture or have a question about outdoor replacement cushions and patio throw pillows, we can answer all your queries and more!

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