Checkerboard Delight: Upgrading Your Black and White Patio

Outdoor Patio

Regarded as one of the most elegant combinations in design history, black and white lends a sleek, sophisticated air to a home’s overall décor.

However, not a lot of people get to implement this combination for their outdoor patio. So if you’re fortunate enough to have a black and white theme in your outdoor space, you should do everything you can to take its look to new heights.

And we can help you with that!

Design Tips for a Black and White Outdoor Space

–         Think in Contrast

If you’ve got white walls, black windows, and a simple cement floor tying it all together, you have a lot of white to play with. Adding stark black furniture will be the best call here. Just remember to also consider whether your furniture will stand the test of time (and the weather) where you live.

Instead of going stark black, you could also choose a contrasting color in pale hues with some black features added in, like outdoor throw pillows.

–         Create a Visual Story

Does your outdoor patio connect to an indoor area which you frequently use? If so, create a transition in design so the décor carries on outdoors. For example, add more foliage if that’s what you have going on indoors. Add some exciting visual features like a fire table or maybe a lounger with an umbrella in the corner if you like to relax on your patio.


–         Go Full Premium

There’s something uniquely luxurious about a black and white home design. So why not double down on it? Add a fire table to the mix, perhaps a beige rug to tie the whole scene together? If you’ve got a swimming pool as well, keeping a minimalist tone with your outdoor design will do the trick.

–         Keep Things Exciting

Also with such luxury outdoor design patterns, you’ll need to make sure that they don’t get boring! Yes, even with something so beautiful, things can seem quite boring if it’s all just black and white. Adding something like lanterns, maybe some contrasting cushions in vibrant colors like red or yellow, would do well in amping up the look.


Need Some Help?

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