Easy Ways to Turn Your Simple Patio into a Romantic Hideaway


It’s the opportunity of a lifetime!

You have the chance and the budget to give your patio a makeover and you’ve decided to give it a romantic edge. Sumptuous and luxurious, a romantically-styled patio is the perfect element to increase your home’s value.

But you’re not about that life.

For you, the idea is to make it a hideaway for you and your other half. So that whenever you want to get away from the world, all you have to do is take a stroll to your backyard!

And here’s how you can do just that!

Giving Your Patio that Romantic Touch

For the Love of Blues

It’s a popular notion that reds, pinks, and greens are the colors of love. But when you think about it, blue is the color that combines all the best qualities of love. Strength, loyalty, wisdom, and trust; blue encompasses all of them. So why not surround yourself with it?

But rather than going full-blue, add a bit of sizzle to it, with some silver accents that have a cool blue palette. Romantic and charming, this combination will do wonders for your small patio.

Light it Up

Got a floral fairyland in your backyard? Add to it by hanging string lights and placing fire lanterns towards the entrance. Place loveseats and rattan furniture in a special alcove, all gathered around a fire table for that added element of warmth against that cool summer breeze.

Make it Grand

Got a bigger budget? Instead of getting a small nook on your patio, go all out with a fire table, cozy wicker furniture, soft outdoor patio throw pillows and some chaise lounges so you can relax in each other’s arms. Want to make it grander? Add some mood lighting with fire lanterns and put the outdoor fireplace on a gentle flame.

Adding to the Intimacy

This is perfect for smaller patios. A small patio set, maybe an ottoman or two to put your feet up on, and some lanterns to set the mood. Go for the Aberdeen or Miramar collection for that cozy feel, and add a few cushions to it. Drape a sheer canopy over it and let the romancing commence!

Modern and Relaxed

Look to the Grecian style of home architecture! Clean and lush with the perfect hint of charm to it, the exterior design utilizes a beautiful combination of modernity with a Mediterranean edge to it. And that’s what you need to bring to your patio as well. Modern furnishings of the right color palette, surrounded by a lush setting.

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