What the Pergola? A Necessary Patio Furniture Glossary

Now that it’s your turn to browse through for some patio furniture, you’re a bit stumped and a lot impressed at how your parents were able to remember everything about furniture and the different terms involved.

Because truth be told; you can’t differentiate your fiberglass from your fiberstone, and frankly you’re starting to panic.

Don’t be though.

Because with this glossary, you’ll know all the necessary A to Zs of patio furniture!

–         All-Weather

In basic terms, all-weather furniture is the type that can be left out without fearing that it might get ruined because of the weather condition. Made with good quality material, these types of furniture should nevertheless, still be brought in during stormy and windy weather, just in case.

–         Bistro Furniture

Designed for small outdoor settings, bistro furniture typically features traditional style bistro furnishings that are made for two. Typically used in smaller, cozy areas, bistro furniture is the best option if you want some luxury settings but have limited space.

–         Conversation Set

This type of furniture is usually made to set lower and has a deeper cushion setting as well. Designed for more relaxed seating, different examples of conversation style furniture include low tables, sofas and loveseats.

–         Fiberglass

Made from fine fibers obtained from glass, thus the name, fiberglass is a very commonly used product, hailed for its strength and durability. Fiberglass doesn’t corrode, rust, rot, fade, warp, split or crack, which is it is used for some high-strength structures like automobiles, boat hulls as well as umbrella poles.

–         Fiberstone

Fiberstone basically combines crushed limestone with fiberglass. Used for making umbrella bases as well as planters, fiberstone uses the strength of fiberglass while enjoying the look of natural stone.

–         Gazebo

A freestanding outdoor structure, a gazebo is open from all sides and is constructed under five pillars in an octagonal shape.

–         Pergola

Made from hardwood or other types of strong woods, a pergola is a structure designed for climbing plants. These plants are trained to climb up the columns and entwine themselves in the latticed roof, thus creating a shaded area.

–         Resin Wicker

Not to be confused with rattan or pure wicker, resin wicker is all-weather furniture made from polyethylene fibers. Offering the same look as wicker, only with the ability to have color painted on, resin wicker doesn’t allow any paint to flake or chip, making it the ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

–         Teak

A durable hardwood that’s usually found in tropical rain forests, teak is one of the strongest woods and was for centuries, used to make vessels for sea travel. Resistant to water, infestation and rotting, teak wood is a fine option for aging as well, since it goes from its original golden hue to an elegant grey patina.

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