Connecting With Nature: Creative Ways to Maximize Your Courtyard


Outdoor spaces aren’t just for picnics and monthly hangouts anymore. These days, they’re used for front decks, lawns, back patios, and outdoor rooms. While they’re considered a luxury by many and a necessity by few, the fact of the matter is that they’re all the rage these days.

Amenities like fire pits, fire tables, flat-screen LEDs, fully-equipped kitchens, and fully furnished furniture sets are just a few things that give outdoor spaces a luxurious feeling.

Many homeowners think that acres of land are required to create a beautiful outdoor space; but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you’ve got a narrow walkway, a small horizontal front deck, or a congested backyard landing, you can still achieve luxury and style.

Let’s take a look at four hacks that will maximize your outdoor space so you can enjoy your evening cup of coffee while taking in the fresh air and add flair to your home’s exterior.

Plan from the Perimeter

For a large space, you can pick any place as a focal point to design the rest of the space around, but when you’re short on land, it’s best to start from the perimeter. This way, not only will you be maximizing corner space, but you’ll also have space left over for other furniture as well.

From Top

Create a Shaded Spot

You want to be prepared for all kinds of weather, so install a patio umbrella on the coffee table or around the chairs to keep things cool on sunny days. When the winter hits, you can simply set it aside and enjoy a sunbath any time of the day.

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Go Minimal

When you’re really pressed for space, there’s no need to pile up items that don’t work. Work with an end table instead of a coffee chair. Instead of buying furniture with heavy patterns and intricate designs, choose a texture that’s more plain and lighter in color.

Light-colored furniture makes spaces look bigger than they are.

Be Flexible

Instead of choosing an already available table or chair, assess your needs and invest in custom furniture instead. You’re trying to maximize your usage of the space, so add a storage drawer in the coffee table or buy wooden stools instead of large chairs.

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