Everything You Need to Know About Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Fire Pit Tables

There’s nobody who doesn’t love the cozy feeling of sitting in front of a fireplace under a warm blanket when winter rolls around. And while it’s still many months away, who says you can’t get ready in advance?

From having backyard barbecue parties in the evening to enjoying a quiet night with the family around a fire pit, communal comfort and warmth are a huge part of winter. Fire pits only augment this feeling, so if you’re planning on buying a fire table, here’s everything you need to know.

Why Should You Invest in a Fire Pit Table?

For many homeowners, a fire pit table is a winter accessory that serves little to no purpose the rest of the year. This isn’t true, though. The three functions a fire pit table serves are:

  • It’s a much more efficient alternative to traditional outdoor fireplaces that can’t be moved
  • It acts as a key décor element for your patio and backyard
  • Depending on the table, it can be used all-year-round as an alternative to an outdoor kitchen

Which Style and Material are the Best?

Outdoor furniture is all the rage these days, so it’s not difficult to find tons of design and material options. If your house is built with concrete, you can choose a concrete table and if it’s wooden, you can find a wood option.

Flame Fire Table

What you need to keep in mind is whether the design and texture are complementing the rest of the décor. You don’t want to be boring by choosing the exact same design as your house’s.

Make a statement by choosing a sleek design in a bold color. If you want to keep the color coherent with the rest of the décor, find a bold design to draw attention to the table. Aesthetically, you can find anything from clean and neat designs to classic, natural, and purposefully rustic look.

Since fire pit tables are mostly used outdoors, you also want to keep durability in mind. Rain, sun, dust, grime, snow and other weather elements can cause wear and tear so when you choose a certain material, make sure that it goes well with the year-round weather.

Wooden tables for rainy areas aren’t a great choice but stone models are ideal. If you don’t want to compromise on material, you’ll have to put in more effort when it comes to maintenance and care.

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