Best Outdoor Furniture Materials to Invest In


With the health benefits of spending time out in the open being advocated more proactively than ever before, an increasing number of Americans are decorating and redesigning their residential and commercial outdoor spaces. The demand for patio furniture has resultantly increased across the country and the global market for outdoor furniture is expected to grow to $23.6 billion by 2025

If you’re among these Americans looking to invest in patio furniture, the material the furniture is made from should be your number one consideration. Unlike indoor furniture pieces, patio furniture pieces have to withstand extreme weather stripping. It needs to be waterproof, lightweight, and stylish. 

Here are some of the best materials for outdoor furniture:


Aluminum is a great material for indoor as well as outdoor furniture. It’s known for its strength and lightweight. Aluminum patio furniture is also resistant to rust and won’t fade under strong sunlight. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, aluminum patio furniture is for you! 

When choosing your patio furniture, make sure the pieces are powder-coated. This additional coating provides a protective layer that keeps the furniture looking good as new even in the summer. Rust-proof furniture is also ideal for coastal areas that are known to have more moisture in the air. 

Cast aluminum is a lightweight variant of aluminum, while wrought aluminum is heavier. Wrought aluminum is more durable of the two. There’s very little maintenance required for aluminum; just a mild soapy solution can get rid of any dirt and grime. Avoid using any abrasive cleaning tools on aluminum patio furniture. 

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Steel furniture is a great option for those looking for a sleek, minimalist, and modern touch to their patio. Of all the patio furniture options, steel is the least bulky. However, like all metals, they do tend to heat up significantly when under direct sunlight. Cushions are a necessary add-on for such furniture, otherwise, it can get quite uncomfortable to use. Make sure you’re getting stainless steel furniture pieces to avoid rust.

Wrought iron

There’s a lot of variety in contemporary and traditional wrought iron designs, which work with various interior and exterior design themes. Wrought iron is the heaviest of all the metals, making it ideal for areas that are really windy. However, that means they’re quite difficult to move around too. Wrought iron pieces also require comfortable cushions that are tied to the furniture to keep them in place. 

Wrought iron is resistant to rust, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever rust. It will require the occasional paint touch-up. To reduce the chances of rust, take the furniture indoors during winter and keep it covered when it’s raining. 


Teak is the king of wooden patio furniture. It’s the hardest wood available and therefore highly resistant to warping and water damage. Another benefit of teak is that it’s resistant to termites and won’t rot. Its natural oils are sufficient to keep it protected. In fact, this wood looks so good that no paint or stain is required. 


Wicker is patio furniture that has a weave design and texture. This weave texture makes the furniture lightweight and comfortable. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors, giving your home a coastal look. 

Wicker furniture is generally treated with UV inhibitors to prevent any fading. Wicker is made by coating synthetic fibers onto an aluminum frame. These synthetic fibers are coated with a weather-resistant finish to improve durability. 


Plastic patio furniture is the most cost-efficient among outdoor furniture. It’s lightweight and can easily be stacked up and moved around. Since plastic can be molded into any shape and dyed in any color, you’ll find a lot of variation in design and color. If you’re looking for an eco-friendlier option, look for furniture pieces made of recycled plastic. 

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