Patio Furniture Pieces For 2020

Fire Pit

2020 is just days away, and it’s time to start thinking about the changes you’re going to make to your home. Just a few tweaks here and there are enough to make your home trendier. 

We’ve chosen the best furniture pieces that are in line with the predicted trends for the year. 

Fancy outdoor lanterns

Don’t forget to accessorize your patio this season! Your outdoor space shouldn’t just be functional; it needs to look inviting too! Outdoor lanterns are the perfect accessory for an outdoor space, especially during the winter. It adds to the warmth and aesthetic of the area. Our Kentucky Fire Collection is ideal for outdoor spaces. The white color makes them stand out and they work with contemporary and modern homes. 

Dual-purpose furniture

2020 is expected to see many fun and functional patio furniture pieces. Dual-purpose and technology-driven furniture are expected to take over the market. 

Dual-purpose patio furniture is ideal for those who have limited space to work with. Generally, storage and seats can be adjusted to save on space. 

Our Alton Wicker Ice Chest is ideal for keeping your drinks cold but also works perfectly as additional seating. Just add a cushion to it and it’s as comfortable as the other patio chairs!

Comfortable sofas

Imagine having your indoor sofa outside. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? However, your indoor sofa can’t endure the weather stripping that outdoor furniture is often faced with. However, the trend of amplifying your comfort outdoors is possible with our Monterey Outdoor Patio Furniture 3 Seat Sofa. Take a nap, read a book, or enjoy quality time with friends and family on this patio set. 

Fire table

Every patio needs a fire element. You no longer need to have a fire pit built outdoors. Not only is building a fire a hassle, but it’s also doesn’t look chic. Our fire tables are the ideal addition to an outdoor space. It can be placed anywhere you like and provides substantial warmth to an outdoor space. Such fire tables are also safe to use. 

Patio Furniture

Throw cushions

Patio furniture tends to be a bit uncomfortable, especially when compared to indoor furniture. Going back to the trend of making your patio as comfortable as the indoors, patio furniture needs to be cushioned and warm. Throw cushions are the best way to add warmth to a patio, making it more welcoming. 

We provide throw cushions in a number of sizes to fit all outdoor spaces. You can also change up the covers to add more color to your outdoor living space. Floor cushions are great for households with toddlers as well. It makes the area safe for them. 

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture adds a touch of luxury to your patio. This year, we expect to see more luxurious furniture pieces, like our Miramar Outdoor Patio Furniture Coffee Table. This table is made of premium teak. Teak is known to be extremely hardwearing. It repels moisture, insects, and mildew. 

This coffee table is made of reclaimed teak and it’s therefore aged and dried. The hardware on this piece is coated in zinc and brass to prevent corrosion and rusting. 

Hurry over to our website to shop for these fantastic designs! PatioHQ is quick to stock up on the latest patio trends. We deal in high-end patio lanterns and other affordable outdoor furniture. Our products are made of premium quality materials that will stand the test of time. 

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