Transitioning From the Inside Out: Creating a Balanced Indoor-Outdoor Patio Design


With your gorgeous cozy home, you have the special fortune of owning a small indoor patio that spills out into an equally-sized courtyard that’s quaint and beautiful.

But with the small size of the lot, you want a design that’s big enough to encompass your home and make it look like the hefty slice of Eden that you’ve always wanted. And what better way to make this idea happen, then with an indoor patio design that transitions into the outdoor?

It’s really not that difficult. With a few choice tips and some furniture from PatioHQ, you should have no trouble making your home look just the way you’d always wanted.

Patio Design Tips You Need to Know

–         Know Your Elements

If you’ve opened up your indoor patio space for the outdoors, you’ll definitely see a lot of outdoor elements come in as well like dust and dirt, wind and rain. In this case, it might not be best to keep your indoor furniture on the patio. Instead, adding some outdoor patio furniture like a dining table with seating would not only help you aesthetic-wise, it’ll also keep things clean.

–         Add a Rug

Indoor and outdoor floors not the same color? Hide that asymmetry in design with a patio rug. This can help you anchor your furniture and define the specific area to be used for a patio design. Just be sure to choose an outdoor rug i.e. one that’s mildew resistant and UV-resistant as well, and is made from a durable material.


Note: If your indoor/outdoor area isn’t too vibrant in color, choosing a colorful rug for the space would work well.

–         Make it Lighter

Let’s say your indoor patio has some string lights and an all-round warm, romantic ambiance. Adding outdoor-approved lighting like a fire pit table and lanterns would not only create a consistent look, it’ll be perfect design-wise too. Keep in mind, your indoor patio has lighting that’s on the upper level. Bringing the eyes lower and offering them some comfort with some mood lighting will enhance the relaxed atmosphere.

–         Add Drapes

Gauzy drapes that are designed for outdoor use can be used to cover up any glaring design features (like pillars) that can’t be removed or upgraded. Either go with white to add that soft, romantic touch or if you want, choose some colorful drapery to add some liveliness to the scene.

–         All-Weather Pillows All Around

Outdoor elements can do a number on fabrics, no matter how durable they may be. This is why if you’re transitioning the design from indoor to outdoor, take the right step and swap all your fabrics for outdoor-grade, all-weather fabrics. They’re water-repellent, mildew-resistant and fade resistant so you can enjoy the overall look without worrying about the design fading away, and you’ll find plenty of different colors for outdoor patio pillows too!


Get Creative!

Mixing indoor and outdoor designs shouldn’t be so difficult!

Use your own creativity and add balance to the look by combining different materials for outdoor and indoor patio furniture, like adding plants indoors to make the transition smother. This’ll give your home the collected, natural feel you’d always wanted!

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