Tips on Choosing the Perfect Patio Umbrella for Outdoor Living

Patio umbrella

It can’t be that difficult to choose something as simple as an umbrella, right? You just go with the best color, something within your budget, and there you have it. Easy peasy!

If only it were!

Umbrellas are an underestimated accessory when it comes to patio design. Aside from improving the overall look of your patio, umbrellas protect your furniture from harsh weather and are great if you want to make a little nook outdoors to relax under.

But aside from that, outdoor patio umbrellas also add to the value of your house. Often associated with luxury living, umbrellas simply make your patio look cooler. So why not invest in one?

Here’s What You Need to Do

–         Know Your Umbrella Size

You can’t have a too-big umbrella that dominates your patio! When deciding on an umbrella size, the right way to go about it is to measure the space’s square footage so you know what to cover. Use a basic measuring tape and mark out a rectangular area. Use those measurements and multiply the two numbers together. This’ll give you an area in ft2.

–         Choose a Good Shape

While patio umbrellas come in a number of shapes, the most popular ones are rectangular, round, and square. Patio designs that veer toward a modern, minimalist look will do well with a square or rectangular umbrella to offset the clean lines of the décor. More personal styles like boho chic need something more rounded to balance the softness of the décor. However, these style choices aren’t set in stone. As the homeowner, you can choose a style that strikes you as the best one.


–         What’s the Canvas?

Gone are the days when you’d see plastic umbrellas on patios, tucked in a corner! Nowadays, it’s all about Sunbrella fabrics. Yes, you’ll find polyester, Olefin, acrylic and even thatch options. But with Sunbrella fabrics, you get a UV-resistant, fade, moisture and mildew resistant, high quality and durable. Basically a long-lasting product that definitely pays for itself in the long run!

–         Find Your Frame Type

From the many types of umbrellas available, the most common ones are sunshades, pagoda, market and cantilever, with market and cantilever taking the top two slots in terms of popularity.

Market umbrellas are your basic octagonal types with direct shade underneath. Much better for a small seating area, if you have more space on your patio, going with a cantilever umbrella which has its base and pole offset from the to-be-shaded area is a great option.

Finding Shade for Your Patio

PatioHQ offers a beautiful selection of affordable patio umbrellas for outdoor living.

Use the above tips to decide on an option for your outdoor area. And if you need any help, contact us! We’ll help you get the best outdoor patio furniture and accessories for your beloved home!

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