The Ultimate Backyard Party Games: A Guide

Beer Pong

Is your ultimate summer backyard birthday party just around the corner? Afraid it’s going to be a failure? We don’t blame you for feeling anxious. Studies show that 25 percent of Americans get bored at birthday parties. And no one wants their birthday party to make that list.

But don’t worry, studies also show that party games improve guests’ moods significantly and keep them entertained. So fasten your seatbelts and take a look at these backyard party games ideas that will make your party a surefire hit.

Balloon down

Buy a dozen balloons, fill them up with helium, and tie them up with strings. Tie the strings to weighted items such as rocks to keep the balloons in place.

Use a marker to write points on each balloon and place them in your yard at different distances and heights from each other. Ask your guests to use darts to pop the balloons. The score will be determined by the points written on the balloons.


Egg race

This classic game is suitable for people of all ages. Run to your kitchen and grab a bunch of eggs and some spoons. The participants will have to walk a certain distance in your backyard with the egg placed on the spoon the whole time. The one who crosses the finish line first will win. To make it more interesting, you can make this a relay race!

Beer pong

Grab a couple of cold ones with your friends and play a game of beer pong to see if your friendship can stand this test. All you need is a couple of plastic cups, a ball and some alcohol to get started!

Giant games

Small things don’t excite anyone anymore. But what if you could play giant versions of your favorite games? If you have ample space in your backyard, you can buy giant-sized versions of Jenga and Tic-Tac-Toe to keep everyone excited!

Potato sack race

This is guaranteed to be an instant hit with children and adults alike. Bring out any potato sacks you have lying around in the house and set up lanes in your backyard. Get ready to laugh as you watch people hop, fall, and roll with laughter on the ground.

Think you’re ready to amaze everyone with your backyard games? Make sure your patio furniture is comfortable for your guests when they’re happy and tired by the end of the party.

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