The Devil is In the Details: Learning about Indoor and Outdoor Patio Design

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We’ve received a lot of queries from clients that were curious about indoor and outdoor patios.

With an indoor patio, wouldn’t that just be a room inside the house? So why shouldn’t they use basic interior furniture for their indoor room?

Furthermore, why should they spend so much on outdoor living patio furniture when they can just bring the furniture out and put it back in when not in need?

All perfectly normal questions, to which we offer the following answers:

Isn’t An Indoor Patio Just A Room?

Yes, it is a room. But in terms of design, where this room differentiates from your home design is through its function and structure.

Indoor patios aim to bring the beauty of the outside in, which is why you often see skylights and bigger patio windows and doors in the room’s design. Enclosed patios are meant to be quite spacious and offer a wonderful view of the outdoors. And when you have an outdoor patio attached, this gives you the chance to create a beautiful transition.

Can’t I Use Simple Indoor Furniture For My Indoor And Outdoor Patio Too?

You could, but it won’t bode well.

Indoor furniture isn’t designed to withstand the onslaught of the weather elements. If you keep your patio doors open and use it outside as well, the dust and dirt, not to mention sunlight from the outside would damage your furniture greatly. Remember, your basic cotton throw pillows aren’t meant to be subjected to rain and shine.


However, since we use different materials for outdoor patio furniture, material that’s weather resistant, any related factors aren’t usually a problem for homeowners.

Because of this very feature, a lot of people use outdoor furniture for indoor use as well, since they know it’ll help them in the long run!

What Makes Outdoor Patio Furniture Worth it?

Aside from adding value to your property, good quality outdoor patio furniture is often seen as an investment, rather than a splurge.

Don’t forget; you’re buying something that’s made to be usable for a solid decade or two. So a good patio set purchase right now will definitely benefit you in the long run.

However, keep in mind that you’ll need to buy the right set, from a reliable brand. Given that you’re here at PatioHQ, you shouldn’t really worry about that.

Just be sure to check whether the design is compatible with your indoor design, and you’ll have no problem in creating a good transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces!

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