The Best Way of Incorporating a Fire Table in Your Patio Set


Fire pits or fire tables are, and always have been, a symbol of home and family. From the early days when our ancestors gathered around the fire for warmth, shelter or just to shoot the breeze (hey, who knows!), fire has been the main element in bringing people together.

This is why even today, amongst most homeowners that have enough of an outdoor area to call a patio; all fire-related elements are the most popular feature for outdoor design—a fact that we at PatioHQ can confirm, given the sales of fire tables and lanterns!

However, if you do want to buy a fire table, you can’t really just plunk it amongst your outdoor patio furniture and just call it a day! There are certain factors that go into having a fire table on your patio. And to incorporate it perfectly, we are here to help!

How to Add a Fire Table to Your Patio

Choose the Perfect Location

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t have your fire table right in the middle of your seating arrangement. Aside from it being too in-your-face, having a fire pit in your primary seating area can be dangerous if you have children along with you.


Also, a fire pit should not be below a certain level i.e. like a hole in the ground. This is whyfire tables have become so popular now, since they’re at an adequate level and safer to use.

As for location, the best place for a fire table should be away from the main area, but not too far or close. And make sure the path to the table is defined.

Balance it Out

Let’s say you have a rustic, Mediterranean theme going on with your patio. Adding a fire feature might overdo the whole theme. But if you add a water feature to your design, that would work as the perfect element to balance the whole thing out. A small water fountain right across your backyard would do the trick well!

Check the Breeze

You don’t want the heat from your fire table or pit to be directed toward your guests, while the others sit feeling chilly and uncomfortable. Be especially careful if you get strong crosswind every now and then, otherwise you will need to add a whole other feature to protect your fire table from the wind.


Buy a Fire Table!

Truth be told, adding a fire table to your patio is not that difficult, you just have to know the smaller details of it.

So buy a table from PatioHQ, pair it with a patio set from our selection of affordable outdoor patio furniture and bring some exciting to your outdoors!

And be sure to ask us if you’ve got some questions about patio design. We’re here to help!

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