Table for Two? Tips on Adding an Intimate Outdoor Seating Area to Your Patio

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Your home is the one place on the planet you feel happy and whole. And together with your other half, you both feel like you can conquer the world!

But when it comes to enjoying intimacy just in the pleasure of each other’s company, you don’t really have an area where you can snuggle up in each other’s arms and just let time pass you by. Not with the kind of functional living space you have.

So let’s rectify this situation, shall we!

If you can’t find an intimate space inside, let’s take it outside to your patio!

How to Create an ‘Intimate’ Seating Area

–         Furnish a Coffee Nook

Use it as the venue for your morning coffee session or evening catch-up. However you want to use it, furnish a small corner on your patio with a coffee table set. PatioHQ offers some cozy, quaint outdoor patio furniture collections for a very affordable price, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right table for two, just for you two!

–         Lounge in Style

It’s stylish, it’s affordable and most of all, it’s functional;  and it matches your comfortable functional interior theme as well! Add a couple of outdoor chaise lounges and a matching outdoor patio umbrella. Along with, add some outdoor accent pillows to really turn up the luxury feel of the set and turn the area into a small retreat!


–         Make it Rustic

And by that we mean, make it magical! Add a couple of teak loungers, put up a string of fairy lights, put some planters on either sides that naturally repel mosquitoes (for safety and convenience) and invest in a fire table to really liven things up!

–         Back to Basics

Choose something simple. A couple of chairs with a center table, or a sofa set with side tables, maybe add an ottoman so you can rest your feet. Always go back to the basic options when you can’t decide on the right style of furniture.

–         Amp up the Cozy Factor

Here’s what you do: add outdoor accent pillows to a sectional that’s snug in a corner. Buy a plushy ottoman and hang a canopy or use a cantilever umbrella so you’re protected from any wandering eyes. Tie it all up with a rug. This will be a true private space for you two!

Patio Chair

Need Some Help?

In addition to offering a vast collection of outdoor patio furniture and accessories online, PatioHQ offers insight and guidance on design and even installation for your purchases.

If you need some help, use our blogs as your guide and furniture as the tools with which your patio will truly become a lover’s paradise!

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