Setting Up the Perfect Rose Garden—All You Need

Rose Lady

An idyllic patio idea for those who value whimsy and romance, a rose garden is perfect for those who have the space, budget, and creativity to make it happen!

And even if you’re only good with just two out of three requirements—or less—no worries!

PatioHQ hasan easy guide on setting up your rose garden that will help you out!

Here’s What You Need

– A Basic Rose Selection

Unless you’ve exercised your green thumb already, you probably don’t have enough roses to have a garden’s worth. 

If you’re new to the game, your first task should be to find some low-maintenance roses so you don’t have to worry too much about upkeep. Climbing roses, for example, area great choice, since they look beautiful, produce a lot of blooms, and spread quickly.


– A Secluded Sitting Area

The seating area should be cosy and cute. For that, you need a low-set outdoor patio furniture set with a fire pit or a table. As well as plenty of accent throw pillows

Most rose gardens feature benches and little nooks to sit in. But for a backyard patio, a small, comfy furniture collection is more welcoming.

– Subtle Lights

When it doubt, go with fairy lights. But if they’re not your style, go down the traditional route and hang fire lanterns instead. 

We offer decorative patio lighting and long torches in a range of designs. Stick to a minimalist collection like the Hampton Fire collectionif you can’t make a decision.

But if your garden has a more rustic theme (think Spanish garden), opt for the Georgian Fire or Elements Fire collection to take the look to a whole new level.

– Soft Shade

Take inspiration from how the English set up their rose gardens during the Victorian era!


Add a white outdoor patio umbrella with an art deco style base. You also have the option of going with a classic tilt and a cantilever outdoor umbrella. If you have a small seating arrangement, the latter option will give the area a nice cosy feel.

Feeling Inspired?

Browse through our virtual aisles and start making purchases for your rose garden!

While it might be hard work to set up the groundwork for your trellis, rose beds and bushes, the end result is surely something that will take your breath away!

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