Safety First, Kids! What to Know When Installing a Fire Table

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Despite not being the clumsy type, you’re still a bit daunted about the prospect of having a fire table in your backyard patio. Not that it’s too expensive for your taste!

But given that you don’t know the first thing about patio design, you don’t want to end up in an unfortunate situation just because you decided to go about the installation process by ear!

And with some help from PatioHQ, you don’t have to do so at all. Aside from your basic installation guide, here are some more basic tips on installing fire tables in your outdoor patio area, the dos and don’ts of it all!

The Dos of Installing Fire Tables

–         Do Place it on a Level Surface

Having a leveled surface for your fire pit will ensure that there are no bumps and rises that may cause the gas or the fire to escape beyond the parameters of the pit.

–         Do Place it at a Safe Distance

Despite all safety measures, your fire pit still holds fire! When installing your pit, make sure to keep it at least 10 feet away from any flammable objects like trees and fences. Also keep it away from the path to your indoor patio, so  that you have a clear path of escape in case of emergencies.

–         Do Take Note of Wind Direction

Check your local weather for information. When installing a fire table, you want to be sure that it’s positioned in a way that any smoke that rises out of it doesn’t move toward the house or toward your neighbor’s house.

–         Do Use a Fire Table Screen

It’ll not only keep your fire table safe from any debris that might occasionally fall in, it’ll protect it from the weather elements as well, like rain or hail.

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The Don’ts of Installing Fire Tables

–         Don’t Use Excess Lighter Fluid or Gasoline

Unless you know how to light a fire tale properly, don’t experiment. Typically, dry wood and tinder is used to light up a fire. Using any additives will only make the fire uncontrollable.

–         Don’t Decorate with River Stones

They might look pretty. But keep in mind that river stones have a lot of moisture. Placing them near the fire will likely cause them to heat up and explode. Our fire pits are beautiful by themselves so you won’t really need to add any additional décor. But if need be, always ask a professional designer before taking any steps!

Fire Safety is Important!

We want our clients to have a good experience with their fire tables!

So learn how to put a fire out safely and use the above details to make sure that your outdoor fire table serves you well!

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