Redesigning A Small Patio: A Guide

Redesign Patio

Is the smallest room of the house your favorite place to hang out? Do you like hanging out with your friends in a quaint little coffee shop down the road? If you’re like anything like us, you know that small spaces don’t mean that you can’t have fun.

Similarly, having a small backyard or patios doesn’t mean you can’t make your very own outdoor oasis.

Take a look at these design tips that can help you utilize your small outdoor living space better.

Make yourself comfortable

What’s the point of having a patio if you can’t lounge around on it all comfy in your pajamas? Instead of using plastic outdoor chairs, which can often be horrendously uncomfortable, opt for a plush love seat or patio sofa with a small frame. You’ll thank us when you’re sipping a cup of hot coffee while sitting back on it comfortably.

Use décor with low visual weight

Imagine a heavy-duty wooden coffee table placed in the middle of your patio—do you feel the walls closing in on you?

What you need is a small table on the side that doesn’t have a lot of visual weight. If you choose tables and glass tops with smaller frames, they won’t make the patio appear small or cramped.

Patio Lounge

Make a statement with lighting

The best way to make your patio appear bigger is by using the lighting to your advantage. Adding overhead lighting will draw the eye up vertically, which makes the place appear larger.

You can add overhead string lights or pendant lights in the corner to add a warm vibe to your patio.  You can also use LED lanterns that don’t need to be plugged in. This will make your patio look more aesthetic, and will save you the trouble of dealing with cords cluttering your space.

Go vertical

Who says your backyard herb garden has to be horizontal? Don’t let less space stop you from thinking outside the box and going vertical! Use the walls surrounding your patio to hang pots and plants. You can use hooks to creatively display gardening tools as well. Not only will it allow you to easily access those tools, but it will also give your patio a unique look.

Add a few prints and patterns

Use these on the sofas, or the walls to add a touch of your own personal style to the patio. The only way prints and patterns can make your patio space look smaller is if you use lots of them. Use limited number of prints to decorate your outdoor living space. Use the shades which complement the color scheme of your patio.

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