Patio Furniture Care Tips, Exclusively from PatioHQ

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Whether you’re an outgoing person who loves socializing with the world and throwing parties, or you’re an average Joe who spends time reading their favorite book by the pool— you know the importance of a patio.

It’s your personal space to relax and spend time by yourself or with loved ones. Your patio is also the first thing your guests are greeted by when they visit your home.

So, if the furniture outside is collecting dust and rust, you already know the negative impression it can create.

But don’t worry. PatioHQ has you covered (literally)!

Here are a few care tips to protect your patio furniture:

To Wash or Not To Wash—That Is The Question!

You must be wondering whether you can wash your furnishings or not. Before you grab a bucket full of soapy water and a sponge, know that there are only a handful of furnishings that require washing.

You can wash the furniture frames with a combination of water and mild soap. But if they’re made from wood, use a damp cloth and a wood-friendly cleansing agent instead.

Umbrellas and cushions can be washed with detergent and water. If you have a rug on the patio deck, make sure to wash it as well.

*Note: Never, ever machine-dry or machine-wash upholstery because you can end up damaging or shrinking them.

Keep Vulnerable Items Away From Water

Lanterns, vases, pillows, cushions and anything else that is vulnerable to damage should be kept away from the poolside. Instead, keep them near the patio deck or inside the gazebo (if you have one.)

Use A Lubricant Spray For Metal Furnishings

Metal can develop rust quickly. Use a lubricant spray to coat all metal furnishings. Keep everything away from water and use the spray almost daily to keep the furnishings maintained.

Get Wooden Furniture Serviced

If you have wooden furniture, have it serviced by a professional. They will clean it properly and add a protective coating/application that will ensure protection against threats like fungi, termites, and moisture doesn’t harm the frame of the furniture.

We recommend investing in furnishings that are waterproof and durable. The type of furniture you have for your outdoor space can completely transform the way your home looks.

At PatioHQ, we offer an array of exceptional-quality outdoor patio furniture at affordable prices. Add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space and bring your home to life! Feel free to browse through our furniture collection to learn more.

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