New Year, New Patio Trends!

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The popularity of exterior decoration continues to shine in the New Year, making it an exciting time for those who love their outdoor spaces. The emphasis on patios, in terms of increasing the value of a home and giving homeowners a fun space to spend time with the family, has had a great impact on its demand

With every New Year comes a host of patio trends to try out. We’ve put together some of our predictions for the year:

The combination of design and technology

The biggest trend we picked up on toward the end of 2019 has been the incorporation of technology in patio furniture. Outdoor furniture like coffee tables as well as patio umbrellas with inbuilt speakers and Bluetooth connectivity have begun to surface the market. We expect to see a lot more of that in the New Year! 

Bringing the outdoors indoors

There’s generally a clear distinction in outdoor furniture and indoor furniture, but what happens when the lines are blurred? Since the patio is considered an extension of your living space, it makes sense to want it as comfortable as the indoors. A major trend we’re picking up on for the New Year is indoor furniture styles being incorporated outdoors. Outdoor sofas are going to look a lot similar to indoor sofas, with the added durability to take on weather-stripping. 

Amplifying the comfort in the patio

Our experts cannot emphasize the importance of comfort in your outdoor living space enough! Comfort is timeless when it comes to the layout and furniture for your patio. This year, a major trend is going to be adding comfort to your outdoor space. The furniture you choose must be comfortable enough for you to fall asleep on. 

Wooden Tables

Outdoor chairs—whether we’re talking patio chairs, sofas, chaise loungers, or loveseats—need to be soft and inviting. Rigid patio furniture is a thing of the past! The material that the furniture is made of also determines how comfortable it is. 


Adding just a patio dining set won’t cut it this year. Put in more effort into your outdoor living space. Accessorize and plan out the area as you would indoors. Add accessories in the form of paintings, vases, flowers, throw cushions, rugs, outdoor lanterns and more. Make sure all the items you choose are durable enough and suitable to be kept outside. 

Exotic influences in the furniture

2019’s summer season saw a lot of nomad-inspired trends. When you come to think about it, most popular trends come from distant lands, such as the intricate weaving of the basket texture that’s popular in patio furniture. 

2020 is expected to see a comeback of wooden furniture for the patio. ThisScandinavian trend is expected to influence other aspects of exterior decor too. 

Earthy tones like corals, roses, browns, and terracotta work well with wooden furniture. These tones can easily be incorporated into the textiles used in your patio, like the throw cushions and sofa cushions. 

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