Making Your Home More Zen—A Guide


Between bills, deadlines, and your child’s school meetings, sometimes, there’s absolutely no time to look around your house. Making your home more peaceful seems like a luxury you simply can’t afford. But a busy routine can get on your nerves and before you know it, mental health problems will be knocking on your door. That’s why it’s crucial to prioritize your happiness!

Start with your home. With every corner cluttered with furniture and accessories clogging up the free space, there’s hardly room to breathe.

Here are some more Zen ideas for a Zen home.

Free your space

The key to transforming your home into a Zen space is decluttering things that don’t bring you joy. Don’t let your belongings and furniture become an eyesore. Give away what you don’t need and free up space as much as you can.

Decluttering your house is easier said than done. Every piece of furniture is seemingly fulfilling some purpose or another. While getting rid of extra stuff can be liberating, the process itself can be physically AND emotionally taxing.

If the task seems too much, you can cop out of the challenge and work somewhere else. A patio is a good option. You can be as creative as you want with the extra space without having to clear out old furniture first.

When you’re picking out new furniture for your patio, make sure you don’t get something that’s massive and defeats the purpose of having a space to enjoy your Zen mood.

Tidy it up

Once you have all your newly ordered furniture delivered, the next step is to arrange it in a way that allows you free movement. The key is to find an arrangement that’s not too overbearing, and preserves the tidiness of the space.

In order to do that, you need to make sure you’re breaking up the furniture according to color, size, and design. Even though you might have a pretty pair of patio ottomans, they might not go so well with the couches.

If it’s looking like a large seating arrangement, you can divide it up and place the ottomans elsewhere. The goal is not to clutter the space and furnish it enough to enjoy a peaceful moment there.

patio chairs

Focus on Negative Space

In order to keep the Zen-essence of your patio, you need to furnish it minimally. Anything big and chunky is a big no-no. And the same goes for negative space.

This comes into play when the height of your couch or your table is interrupting with the visual flow. You don’t want that. Keep it simple and cozy and make sure the furniture is low-height.

You don’t want to tire your eyes by making the space look like a furniture store. It’s all about good taste and experiencing positive energy flow from every corner. You might want to add a few lanterns with scented candles to create a serene atmosphere for you to meditate.

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