Let’s Lighten Things Up! Brightening Up Your Outdoor Patio


You’d think that basic outdoor wall lights would be enough to lighten up your patio.

But there you are, half encompassed in darkness and setting up a dozen candles so you can see your guests’ faces.

While an Aladdin’s Cave theme for your outdoor patio sounds desirable, let’s agree that it’s a questionable option, what with the dangers of open flames and pesky wax stains!

So instead, let’s focus on much better (read: more affordable and safer) options for lightening up your patio!

1.     String Lights

Affordable and whimsical, these lights are available in practically countless designs and options; they’re perfect if you want subtle lighting and a vintage look.

string Lights

However, keep in mind that setting these lights up can be inconvenient, since you have to use a power cord. Especially if you live in a rainy area, it can be dangerous to have strings of light running through your patio.

You don’t want to short-circuit the power connection altogether, after all! If you do want to use string lights, though, just make sure you’re doing so with care!

2.     Landscape Lighting

Also available in a number of finishes, glass types, and styles, landscape lighting adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home and garden. You can choose from solar, low voltage, and LED landscape lighting options.

Just keep in mind that each has its pros and cons.

Land Lights

Solar patio lights won’t come in handy if you live in an area which experiences a lot of cloudy weather. Low voltage variants require a certain watt of halogen bulbs that can be tricky to find, whereas LED fixtures don’t flood the area with light. Instead, they have a narrow beam of light that shoots out in whichever direction you fix it in. This isn’t very handy for areas that need subtle lighting!

3.     Lanterns

Unique, vibrant, and available in plenty of beautiful styles, you shouldn’t have much trouble changing these up every 3–4 years if need be. Add a mix of different sizes and styles, place candles or small LED bulbs, or even some artificial candles to set the mood! Outdoor lanterns for patios are very versatile in design, so whether you want to set a romantic mood or an intense, night-time party vibe, you can bet that they’ll serve you well!

Blue Pool

And if the weather gets bad, all you’ll have to do is bring them in and they’ll be safe for the next use. It’s that easy!

4.     Fire Pits

Obviously more expensive than your average lantern or string light, fire pits or tables are nevertheless worth it!


Their simple wood-burning feature makes them the perfect addition to any cozy patio design. If need be, you could also opt for some lavish options for that added luxury factor. If not, a classic round fire pit table would do just fine in livening up the place and getting those conversations started.

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