How to Bring Your Old Patio Back to Life

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You love your old family home;especially the outdoor patio area that has been the venue for countless days of cloud gazing, daydreaming, and just lazing about.

Yet, with time, you’ve started to feel like the good old patio has lost its edge. Sure, it’s still comfy and beautiful. But it could do with a bit of zhuzhing. After all, despite its classic look, there’s no reason why it can’t be upgraded.

Here are some tips from the experts at PatioHQ on how you can turn your outdoor area into a magical place once more!

Clean it Up

Even before you turn to the overall design of your patio, give it a good scrubbing first. This includes your old furniture, the plant pots, the walls and the fences —anything that hasn’t stood the test of time. Transport plants from older, chipped pots to new terra cotta pots. Put insome elbow grease and brush away the metal furniture that’s rusted around the corner. Clear out the weeds and throw away anything that gives your patio a messy, unkempt look.


Upholster Your Existing Furniture

Got some pieces of furniture left from your spring-cleaning project? Spruce them up by having them upholstered and painted. If possible, change the fabrics and replace them with better quality fabrics and material. And don’t be afraid to be creative with your choices. There’s nothing better than a colorful patio!

Add a Flame Feature

We aren’t just recommending this because we absolutely love flame elements in patio design! Quite popular this year and the years before, a flame feature in your patio, like a fire table or lanterns, has become a norm, mostly becausehomeowners combine themwith other natural elements like a Zen garden and a small fountain or pond to really elevate their patios.


Change it all Out

Feel like your patio furniture is not as fashionable as when you first got it? Sell it or donate it, and buy a new patio set. PatioHQ offers a large number ofaffordable outdoor patio furniture collections in a diverse range of designs, so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your taste.

Protect it

Mother Nature can be brutal but that does not mean that your outdoor patio needs to reflect that. Replace your basic furniture cushions with alternatives that are designed to withstand weather elements.Our cushions are an excellent option when your current outdoor furniture cushions begin to look weathered, or you’re just ready for a change. With the help of our domestically-produced products in our state-of-the-art facility, using only 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic Sunbrella® fabrics, you’ll once again be able to enjoy your outdoor living space.


Feeling Inspired?

With the above tips and a bit of your own creativity thrown in, you should have no trouble giving your patio a brand-new look.

So go ahead, buy from PatioHQ and be sure to read our other blogs if you need more inspiration forpatio design!

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