Fire ‘Er Up! Different Ways to Add a Flame Element to Your Patio

Built In Fire

Fire is a vivacious, stimulating and volatile element. But if used in a controlled environment, fire can become almost lux, beautiful and exciting. And that’s how we use fire in patio design.

Taking inspiration from the designers of Yore (read: cavemen and women) that would try to use fire wherever possible; we’ve turned fire into a home design statement. And at PatioHQ, we pride ourselves in offering the very best fire features possible.

But moving aside from tooting our own horn, let’s focus more on how we want these and many more fire elements to be incorporated into patio design. As we said, it’s a volatile element in natureand style. You can’t just add it to a cozy little nook and expect the whole look to jell together.

So here’s what you do; hereare three ideas on adding fire elements to your patio design that are meant to match different themes and styles!

A Built-In Fireplace

Got a small indoor area that opens into a patio to your backyard? Such a house would be perfect for a built-in fireplace. Quite popular for all; from rustic, old-style homes to minimalist, bachelor pads, outdoor fireplace add a sense of exclusivity to the patio design. Think of it as an element that connects the outdoors and indoors. Usually paired with bi-folding doors, a built-in fireplace keeps you cozy while giving you the freedom of the outdoors.

Fire Pit/Fire Table

You’ll see a lot of fireplaces on rooftop patios, in small urban homes, or just in your classy neighborhood. Replacing those wood-burning fireplaces we see so often, these fire tables use the home’s gas system to run, or a propane tank. Fuel efficient and beautiful, these tables or pits work well for modern, sleek or contemporary homes. But if you’re a fan and want one for your cozy abode, we’d suggest that you go with a small, circular table to give your patio a well-rounded, softer touch.



We’re not talking Tiki torches here, although they’re not so bad either!

Another classic element of home décor;lanterns are romantic, sophisticated and just more-or-less the main element that ties the whole look together. Available in a large number of styles, colors and designs, you’ll find whatever type of lanterns you need, be they for a cozy, sweet and romantic space, or for a sleek, masculine patio.


Bring Out the Fire!

Along with a fine collection of affordable outdoor patio furniture, PatioHQ offers lanterns, fire tables and fire pits among other accessories to give your outdoor space a gorgeous look.

Shop today and fire up those creative thoughts to take your patio design to a whole new level!

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