Fire and Snow—Taking Care of Your Fire Pit in the Winter


Your summer purchase of a high-end fire table from PatioHQ has served you well. But now that winter rolling in, you don’t know how best to take care of it.

What if the cold and snow cause something to go wrong?

To answer your questions and help you maintain your purchase, PatioHQ offers some guidance on how to maintain and care for your gorgeous fire feature!

Care Tips for Fire Features

Clean it Regularly

In case you do use the fire table during winter, be sure to inspect and clean it on a regular basis for any debris or ashes.

Do not use your fire pit to make any food; otherwise, the spills might damage the interior components.

Be sure to inspect and clean the valves or burners and have your gas supply checked professionally once a year (especially before the winter season).


Choose the Right Coverage

If you’re not going to use your fire table during the winter, keep it protected by using a cover. Easily available in vinyl, canvas, and polyester, these covers prevent damage, rusting, and internal breaks. Just be sure to throw on the cover after the pit has cooled down. You don’t want it burning.

Use it Before the Winter

Also, if you’re not planning on using it until next summer, make sure you’re regularly checking in on it. Like any piece of home equipment, your fire pit needs to be used every now and then if it’s going to function well.

And especially since fire pits usually run on propane or natural gas, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping the fire lit on brisk evenings!

Be Safe

Don’t forget to follow the basic safety guidelines:

  • Turn your fire table off completely after you’ve finished using it
  • Wait until the fire dies down before leaving the premises
  • Do not leave an open fire unattended
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby when using a fire table


A luxury and a necessity, your fire table will serve you well for the next winter and summer if you employ the right care. However, if you ever do have a problem, just contact PatioHQ. We’ll help you in any way we can.

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