Discussing the Popularity of Wicker for Patio Furniture

Think ‘outdoor furniture,’ and your mind zips back to that faint memory of the wicker furniture your grandmother loved so much.

And if you think about it, your beloved grandmamma isn’t the only one who considers wicker to be the height of beauty in terms of outdoor furniture.

Since the early days of mankind—at least since 3,000 B.C.—wicker has been all the rage among homeowners for interior and exterior design alike. Made even more popular during the Victorian era due to a shortage of rattan, wicker took the community by storm, thanks to its flexibility and ability to retain paint.

Moving further in history, wicker reached its peak in the 1960s, and remained the choice in outdoor furniture, until resin wicker started being manufactured during the early 2000s.

So why does every generation of homeowners love it so?

The answer is very simple!

The Popularity of Wicker

For Its Style

Wicker is perhaps the most ideal choice for all climates, mainly because of its light, airy organic look. A very durable eco-friendly choice, wicker not only looks good with a natural palette of color, but it can also pull off vibrant shades as well, from your basic sun-inspired décor to an ocean breeze look.

For Its Durability

Thanks to modern technology (and a lot of experimenting from wicker enthusiasts), wicker furniture is one of the most durable types of furniture. Especially resin wicker, which can withstand some harsh weather elements, this type of material is designed and put together to stand against rain and shine!

For Its Low-Maintenance

Usually, the best way to clean wicker is to wipe it up with a damp cloth. For some deep cleaning, you could use a bleach-and-water mixture. Otherwise, wicker is a low-maintenance option, making it perfect for busy households that still want something fashionable for their patio.

For Its Price

In comparison to other furniture options, wicker is one of the most affordable choices, despite its popularity. Considering it’s a great investment, wicker can also save you money in the years to come. If needed, all you have to do is change your cushions and decorations and you’ll have a new look!

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