Decorative Candles and Outdoor Lanterns: 5 Ways to Get a Lit Backyard

Lit Patio Outdoor

When most people think of patios, they think patio furniture, structures, and green spaces. And while all three are important, lighting, warmth, and ambiance matter even more.

The patio is usually used as a recreational spot for evening hangouts and throwing parties, so you need to be prepared for when the sun goes down and daylight disappears. Why stop the fun train just because it’s dark outside, right? Instead, you can make a statement with good lighting.

Let’s take a look at a few aesthetic lighting options that will keep your patio glowing.

Portable Lanterns

Perfect for outdoor illumination, portable lanterns are an ideal lighting option for your patio. Need a light on the dining table? Set one up on the table! Want to read a book on the glider? Put one on the end table next to you!


Whether you want to hang them in fixed spots or move them around, they’ll make your patio magical.

String Lights

No matter the size or design of your patio, string lights will always serve their purpose, set the mood and make the place look fancy.

String lights are not only an extremely inexpensive lighting solution, but also keep things simple. With battery supported string lights, there’s also no need to set up wiring.

LED Bulbs

Properly installed patio lighting doesn’t just have aesthetic value, but also serves a utilitarian purpose. You can use it to enhance the security of your house and deter any attempts made to break and enter. This is because well-lit spaces don’t leave any clandestine spots for break-ins.

Strategically placed bulbs and floodlights also highlight sitting areas, but it’s the contrasting shadows on trees and plants that really make a statement.

Flame Lamps

Flame lamps are designed to look like real flickering flames. The lighting devices are actually better than the real deal because they not only save electricity, but also pose no fire hazards.

Fire Tables

Fire Pit Table

Perfect for countering a cold breeze, fire pit tables serve as a focal point and provide some much-needed warmth and comfort. Once you’re finished with the dinner, move the party to the fire pit table and keep yourself toasty.

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