Comfy Cozy—How to Make a Beautiful Patio Dining Space and Seating Area

Patio Lounge

When it comes to creating a perfect alfresco dining and lounging space, it pays to start with solid research and purchasing items early!

Design, product, colors, and even patio furniture—as soon as summer starts, they fly off virtual shelves. This is why it’s important to snap them up fast, while it’s still winter!

But how do you prepare for this pre-summer patio spending spree? PatioHQ has all the answers.

A Short Guide on Preparing for Your Patio Upgrade

–         Know Your Space

There’s no point in having a large collection of furniture when it won’t even fit in your small backyard! The key to making your patio both functional and inviting for a dining and sitting space is to divide and conquer.

For example, if you have a big enough space for a 6-seater dining table and an8-seater patio set with plenty of space to boot, dial it down with a 4-seater dining table with a 4–6 seater patio set.

Home patios aren’t luxuriously large, to begin with. And given that you’ll want to add something more to your patio—such as trellises, foliage, and perhaps even a fire table, you’ll want to make sure that after everything’s done and dusted, the area doesn’t end up looking stuffy.


–         Be Mindful of the Aesthetic

Of course, you need to choose a theme that goes well with the interior décor and the exterior setting. But you’ll want to be sure that the dining and seating areas don’t match; otherwise, it just comes off as boring.

Dining areas and seating areas are their own separate zones. So take the opportunity to be creative. Experiment with themes and designs, fabrics and upholstery. Keep in mind, your patio is an investment. You don’t want to regret it a few months down the line.

–         Bring it All Together

Often, homeowners face the dilemma of not being able to incorporate both a dining and seating area if their porch is too narrow.

One way you can handle that issue is by using a patio umbrella over a patio chat table, with a two-seater set to the side for more intimate conversations. Separate the two areas with outdoor rugs and, if possible, add a chaise lounge so it acts as a divider.

Outdoor Style

–         Personalize it

Let’s say you’ve used a large chair collection with a table for a joint seating and dining area. If you still think a division is needed, just add personal touches to each section. Create a path by using lanterns to divide both sides, invest in a fire table and center it in the seating area.

Add kitschy décor and such so each section has its own unique style. It’s very easy to create a visual path if you just use your creative skills.

Feeling Inspired?

Buy affordable outdoor patio furniture, patio lanterns, and high-end patio fire tables among other products from PatioHQ. Use our own designs as inspiration.

This winter, use your time and invest your energy into making the perfect seating and dining area for your home space. Come summer, your patio design will be the talk of the town!

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