Careful: Children On Board—Buying Kid-Friendly Patio Furniture


Truth be told, we often overestimate the destruction that can ensue if you let your children into an area with beautiful furniture.

Before you scoff, hear us out!

Having gorgeous furniture for your outdoor patio doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Sure, you can’t really put any spindly chairs and glass tables in the middle and expect them to stay whole once your kids start playing basketball.

But there are still some things you can do to make sure that your patio design remains pristine, beautiful and most of all, intact.

Buying Kid-Friendly Furniture—A Basic Guide

–         Know Your Material

You want furniture that’s durable and safe enough for your kids to use as well. Mosaic and wrought iron furniture doesn’t always work if you’ve got some rambunctious tykes. But resin wicker furniture or wood would not only be easier to maintain and clean, it’ll remain sturdy and classy, no matter how many years go by.

–         Think about Wear-and-Tear when Choosing a Style

All parents would agree that anything white, whether it’s furniture, cushions or fabrics, is a major no-no. But that just leaves you with a vast selection of colors, so it shouldn’t really be a problem. With your style though, go for different colors for outdoor patio furniture so if they were to get stained, it doesn’t become so visible. Your outdoor furniture will suffer through its basic wear-and-tear so it’s best to just stick to darker tones, instead of the brighter ones.


–         Keep it Light

An 8-seater chair set might not work if you have children who often push furniture about to make room for their games. Refrain from buying any heavy, bulky sets that are a pain to relocate. But don’t go too lightweight either otherwise you’ll be worried about breaking the piece under pressure.

–         Choose Softer, Rounder Features

Sharp ends and edges can be hazardous to children. Since we all value safety, most patio sets aren’t built to have sharp edges and designs but there are some that can still poke you about as you walk buy. So instead, buy furniture with rounded corners like that from our Winward collection.



With our outdoor patio sets and our tips above, you should have no trouble in making a patio design that’s not only kid-friendly but also looks amazing!

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