A Summer-Ready Garden: 5 Things You Need for a Patio Makeover

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People call you a sun worshipper because you love everything the sun and summer bring every year.

Which is also why, now that you have the opportunity to deck your home the way you want to, you want to make everything as summery as possible, starting with your home patio.

For lack of a better word, it’s drab. But with some special patio furniture collections from PatioHQ and some useful tips, you should have no trouble in brightening up your outdoor space.

Here’s What You Do…

1.     Choose the Right Colors

Unlike your front yard, your outdoor backyard patio is a quaint little sanctuary, just for you. This means that you can go all out by adding as many personal touches as you want. Start by creating beautiful scenery with the right summer colors, which are all of ‘em! Combine blues and pinks and yellows and reds. It’s a simple trick, but it can go a long way in adding some vibrancy to your space if you’re on a budget.


2.     Add Some Fire to it

Summer patios need to have a fire feature installed somewhere, just to add to the warm ambiance of the season. Fire features like outdoor fire tables and lanterns speckled here and there or even around the swimming pool will give your outdoor space a whimsical, magical feel. That’s especially great if that’s the theme you’re going for.

3.     Transition From Indoors to Outdoors

Ultimately, your patio should be a place of relaxation, not a space you admire from afar. So rather than choosing furniture that’s gorgeous but uncomfortable, stick to your interior design theme, and follow it for your outdoor furniture as well. For example, if the indoor aesthetic follows an earthy theme with a lot of foliage, adding our Oakleaf Outdoor Patio Furniture Set to your outdoor space will complement the design nicely.


4.     Get Together for a Meal

Summertime is all about making happy memories and having a wonderful time with your friends and family. Why not allow your patio to embody the sentiment by adding an outdoor dining table and comfortable chairs? Add some trellises, perhaps a BBQ station in the corner—this will make the area ideal for small, intimate family gatherings.

5.     Balance with Bold

You might love everything bold. But that doesn’t mean the outdoor patio should look like a Jackson Pollack painting! Adding a few bold colors and details by using outdoor throw pillows, patio chairs (and a fire table, of course) will do the trick, making the area look more welcoming; it will even give it the organized chaos vibe you love so much!

Want to Know More?

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