A Game of Reasonably-Priced Thrones: The Lowdown on Outdoor Patio Furniture Chairs

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On paper, buying the right chairs for your patio shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

But as a first-time homeowner who has a gorgeous outdoor space at your disposal, it’s understandable if you’re overwhelmed by your choices, not to mention the vastness of your patio.

It’s okay, though. Take a deep breath and let us walk you through it.

Patio Sofa

With our help, you’ll have no trouble choosing the right chairs for your outdoor seating area!

–         Your Complete Space

If you have a small patio that’s located near the backyard, don’t just measure the size of your seating area. Note down the dimensions of the whole space and make sure to mark where you want your furniture to be. Let’s say you have a large patio but a minimal backyard. Adding large pieces of furniture will be overpowering aesthetically. Remember, the key to successful patio design is balance.

–         In Need of Mobility

If you’re in need of proper seating but aren’t happy with keeping your chairs in one place, opt for loungers with wheels. Aside from being very light and adjustable, loungers add luxury to the space, so you’ll be getting some added sumptuousness along with comfort.

Wooden Chair

–         A Cushiony Feel

Are you buying your chairs with or without cushions? While our outdoor patio furniture sets are quite comfortable and beautiful, there’s no reason why you can’t enhance their look and coziness by adding some outdoor patio cushions. Just keep it simple and look for outdoor fabrics (no problem if you’re shopping from PatioHQ for your cushions).

–         A Statement Piece

Basic outdoor furniture like sofas and sectionals can often be bulky. So why not add something new to the mix, like a mismatched chair or a set of them? While big lounge chairs are a staple in most patio designs, nothing beats a delicate set of chairs and perhaps a fire pit in the center to really grab your guests’ attention!

Feeling Inspired?

Along with these, PatioHQ has plenty of other information and outdoor patio furniture chairs that you can use to add the right seating to your outdoor area!

For further details, check out our blogs and talk to us if you need some urgent advice on patio furniture chairs for outdoor living. We’d be happy to guide you!

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