A Dreamy Zen Garden: How to Make Your Outdoor Patio More Romantic

Romatic Lunch

Here at PatioHQ, we recently covered some tips on improving your simple patio and turning it into a romantic hideaway.

From making things intimate and small to grand and luxurious, we offered our readers all the information they need on making their patio lovelier for those special days and nights! But that was just the start.

So here, we want to go into detail. Focusing more on design specifics and particular products, here are the best ways of adding a personal touch to our romantic, loved-up outdoor patio area!

Here’s What You Do


–         Improve Your Landscaping

An obvious pointer, yet not a lot of people follow it! With landscaping, it’s important to add some textures and color to your backyard patio. A lush, green garden is nice and dandy. But adding florals and foliage like daisies, hibiscus plants and Mandevilla plants would not only brighten the place up, it’ll add a depth to your already cozy patio design.


–         Invest in Your Seating Options

You’ve got some loungers by the pool and 4-seater set by the door leading out. But where’s your special snuggling chair? Exchanging your old outdoor patio furniture for one that offers extra seating and a softer look (like our affordable Bellanova Collection) would work wonders for those nights when all you want to do is lie in each other’s arms and count the stars.

–         Think ‘English Garden’

Go old-style with your patio design! Incorporate pieces from our Beacon Collection, add a couple of fire lanterns here and there and revert back to the first pointer. English gardens often emulated a lush, heady style through their outdoor design, making the area cozy and home-y but with some elegance to it. Follow that trick!


–         Spruce Things Up

We offer more than 100 patterned and solid all-weather fabrics for our replacement cushions. Adding some flair to your outdoor area by incorporating some cushions here and there in different sizes would go a long way in making things romantic. Go with contrasting shades to make the area more exciting.

–         Add a Fiery Showstopper

You want to make things more fiery and passionate. A fire pit table fits that requirement perfectly. Add it to your cozy sitting area and be sure to add some plants here and there to really take that ‘romantic hidden spot’ theme you’ve got going on to a whole new level!


Get to it!

And if you’ve got any questions regarding these tips on outdoor patio lounge furniture setting, contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you in upgrading your beautiful patio design!