4 Reasons Why You Should Cover Your Patio Furniture

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Imagine walking out to your patio on a fine Sunday morning, only to find un-fluffed pillows, smelly sofa cushions, and rusty furniture.

Your patio furniture may have been designed to stand the test of time against harsh weather, but it will deteriorate if you don’t take care of it.

Take a look at some of these environmental elements that can damage your patio furniture.

Why Cover Patio Furniture?

Water damage

If you live in a town where it rains for most of the year and your patio doesn’t have a roof or shed over it, your outdoor furniture will get damaged.

Wood gets soaked and starts rotting, making it less sturdy, whereas metal gets rusty and develops mold. Covering your furniture will allow you to prevent this damage from befalling your patio furniture.

Solar exposure

Ultraviolet (UV) rays shorten the lifespan of outdoor furniture. This is exemplified by the dull appearance of your cushions and pillows. The surface of the furniture begins to fade, thin, and crack. Not only will it make your furniture look old, it will also leave it susceptible to more damage due to rain and strong winds.

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Destructive weather

Strong winds and thunderstorms can knock over your chairs and tables. If the winds are strong enough, they can even hurl them across the patio.

The winds may not outright break your furniture, but they can definitely affect the stability and texture of your furniture. Similarly, hailstorms can cause dents, tears, and even breakage of your exposed furniture.

Animal activity

If you live near the woods, or have a pet, you can bet that you’ll find yourself with bad smelling furniture because a cat peed on it.

The sofas will also have wear and tear marks due to the scratching by pets, or other woodland animals such as raccoons and squirrels.

How should you cover patio furniture?

Opting for waterproof patio furniture can protect your furniture from rain, strong winds as well as the harsh rays of the sun. Covering them will also help reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do to maintain the look of the furniture.

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