4 Pieces Of Patio Furniture That Are Designed For Windy Days


Imagine waking up one fine morning, only to find that your expensive patio table is broken. With a heavy heart, you go inside and place an order for another table, not knowing that it’s going to happen again because you live in a windy region.

These are common occurrences for people who are invested in patio furniture but can’t seem to find pieces that are sturdy enough for extreme windy conditions.

If you’re in a similar position, take a look at some of these patio furniture pieces that are designed to withstand strong winds.

Lattice back chairs

The reason why lattice back chairs hold their ground in windy weather is very similar to how sails work. If a sail is torn, it won’t be able to catch wind and steer the ship. Similarly, if you place a seat with no decorative cut outside, it will catch the wind and fly off.

Opting for chairs with a lattice back will reduce the chances of your chair billowing or shifting around because wind will pass right through the empty cracks in the design.

Chairs Green Garden


Just like lattice back chairs, barstools are also great options for patio furniture during windy season because they don’t have a back on them and hence, won’t shift around in the wind.

Another reason why barstools are sturdy is that they’re made of materials such as steel or wrought-iron, which have wind resistance capabilities due to their sturdiness, strength, and weight.

Fire tables with wide margins

Fire tables are the ideal way to easily set a focal point on your patio to give it a balanced outlook. This optimal cross between a fire pit and a dining table can transform the look of your patio for the better.

If you’re in a windy region, opt for a fire table which has wide lips and large platforms around the central flame. This will act as a buffer by keeping the flame away from people if the wind happens to shift the flame in a diagonal direction.


Heavy cushions

Give yourself a break from chasing flying cushions all over your backyard. Look for weighted cushions that allow you to add heavy slats at the bottom of the foam, preventing them from getting caught in the wind. Not only will this free you from the hassle of tying the cushions down, but the extra weight will also hold down the furniture.

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